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Need for an In-home care to take care of the Health attention for senior citizens with special needs


Home care for the elderly care activity is booming. Several aspects are those who have contributed to the expansion of this type of assistance, among which we quote: the need for a more personalized care for older people get more humane treatment without being forced to lose the traditions and identity; the development of home care activity in contributing to improved health problems; the search for alternatives to the institutionalization of the elderly and the appropriate use of economic resources.
In this sense, users emphasize the idea of feeling supported and loved by people who, on the one hand, outside their social circle, and on the other, are much younger, which also got the approach of different generations.

Therefore, the assessment of Service Proximity is truly positive, since the activities are for different professionals (medical assistants, nurses, psychologist and social worker) give response to a whole series of needs and problems are made more acute with increasing age of the population. In addition, we consider it our duty to care for older persons from various fields, supplying the shortcomings that have and enhancing their quality of life with the aim of integrating the population of the elderly in a society accessible to all; contextualizing this intervention in what we regard as “The best therapeutic” home.

It is estimated that 95% of older people can be treated at home if they receive help at home, supplemented when possible with home care and day center. This makes only 5% of seniors end up needing admission to a nursing home.

In home care becomes essential for senior citizens especially for those affected with disability diseases and disorders and to ensure the best care is given people will have to opt out for non medical in home care sun city services for their Parents or Elderly people in their home.

The basic services provided under this heading are those linked to personal and continuous care of the older person. They are generally distinguished three areas:

Personal care services

Hygiene and care of the person, physical mobility aid, demonstrations, meal preparation, medication management, support …

Home care services

Maintaining the environment of the person, shopping, clothing care, detection of risk situations in the housing …

Integration services in the environment

(Travel outside the home, activities for maintaining cognitive faculties facilitate the relationship with family and friends …)

Additionally most companies and organizations providing home care services additionally provide other services such as:

  • Adaptations in housing
  • Counseling and provision of technical aids
  • Food delivery
  • Laundry home
  • Medical and nursing service at home
  • Physiotherapy at home
  • Speech therapy at home
  • Psychology home
  • Podiatry home
  • Barber Shop
  • Ordinary household cleaning
  • This relationship is not far from a closed list.

In-home care for senior citizens with special needs, whether that be old age or they’re suffering from alzheimers or parkinsons. Care from the Heart is one of the most trusted non medical in home care providers in the state of Arizona. They provide care and companionship for the patients they work with.