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What to Expect when You Visit the Salinas Chiropractor

There’s a certain fear that sets in when you are experiencing something new for the first time. Even if the event isn’t scary, the wonder and worry of what will happen can certainly take its toll. In fact, some people avoid visiting the Salinas chiropractor for this reason alone. Knowing what to expect when visiting a chiropractor alleviates your worry and helps you make the most out of your experience.

Paperwork is the first portion of a visit to any new doctor, including the Salinas chiropractor. Be sure to have your ink pen ready to complete the paperwork, providing basic information and detailed health history. Give the doctor your insurance card, if available, at this time. Once paperwork is complete, the chiropractor will review the chart and then come in to talk to you about your ailments and how he can help.

For some conditions, the chiropractor may ask that X-rays or ultrasounds be used to further determine the ailment. Surgery is very rarely used in a chiropractic setting, but may be used in certain situations. Medications are not used. Instead, the chiropractor uses spinal adjustments to keep your body aligned and in proper position so that you feel your best at all times.

The chiropractor will discuss your care options with you at this time and help you learn more about the treatments that can help you. A plan of care is designed, and at your next visit, the care that you so desire begins. Although you will likely need several visits with the chiropractor to gain full relief of your ailments, you will notice a considerable difference after the very first visit.

Visiting a chiropractor is nothing to fear. It is the same as visiting any other doctor, only this time, you can expect the pain that you feel to finally diminish. And, you won’t go broke to receive the care. Do not miss another day of chiropractic care!