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Maintained health through fitness regime


Throughout their survival, the only thing that determines their happiness for humans is the health condition of their body. Smaller health problems that are manageable may not have an impact on their routine however larger and prolonged health problems will definitely take a toll on their lives. Human body in itself is designed to be physically active and when all parts of the body are active and are in good condition we call it as a healthy body.

The more active we are the happier and energetic we will be. So it is necessary to include a fitness regime in every day schedule. Fitness regime when coupled with proper diet intake is very advantageous.
Workouts can be fun and can be thoroughly enjoyed; it can be anything from 10 minutes of yoga or walking or it can be dancing or sport which is played in team. We should be interested in the activity to take it further.

Fitness regime should be a regular activity; we should also track our progress and improve on it. We must begin with small steps and set achievable goals to succeed and improve. Following a regime regularly becomes a habit and does a lot to the body, mind and spirit. We should warm up and do the exercises carefully learning it through a trainer or by taking a class or so. Tracking and measuring can be inspiring and we will be forced to achieve more to see better results.

Even animals do simple stretches in morning and evening times and hence we humans need to have a couple of physical stretches and simple work outs to keep maintain good blood flow to ensure that all parts of the body receive nutrients through blood supply and so are active and healthy.
Food intake should be properly monitored and it should enhance the benefits of the fitness regime. As we regularly practice it, we would experience the goodness of the regime.