What is CRP in heart ailments


What is it Epidemiological studies suggest that inflammation of atherosclerotic plaques is a phenomenon that precedes acute heart or brain attacks. The C reactive protein (CRP) in the blood is in response to inflammation, so may be considered as a marker of existence of inflammatory phenomena, and therefore a clear marker of cardiovascular risk .

What to do The measurement of plasma concentration of C-reactive protein (CRP) can provide a method for the detection of people at high risk of plaque rupture and acute cardiovascular attacks.

Cardioconsejo. At present there are highly sensitive assay systems that allow us to assess the levels of C-reactive protein (CRP) , which, together with the detection of other risk factors, significantly improves the prediction of future cardiovascular disease .

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What to do when you break a tooth?


In general, the awareness on importance of good health and on common health issues and major diseases has increased among people due to rigorous Govt. campaigns and media highlights. Hence, people take up master health check up to take care of overall health. However, there are some health issues which they may tend to take lightly when it is related to certain body parts that appear to be healthy to them.

People shall realize the importance of their dental or oral health only when they face some real dental issues like tooth decay, when their tooth gets broken either accidentally or due to poor dental health when these issues will stop them from tasting their favorite food. As people feel their teeth is already strong and since they are brushing them every day it makes ignore small dental issues that could be treated at the initial stage.

Teeth are usually strong but as people age they may crack,chip or break when they become weak and have not been cleaning and maintain it well as well as do not intake necessary nutrition required for its nourishment. For people with weaker teeth, after they get hit in the face accidently their tooth may get crack, even eating something hard orwith poor brushing and washing leading to germs accumulation they may face tooth decay and falling. If the tooth gets chipped, then it is good to see the dentist with an emergency appointment to smooth and fill it. The tooth may look fine, but when you start biting, or eating food items, drinking any hot or cold liquid, it may start to pain. If you have continuous pain it may be due to the damage in the blood vessels or in the nerve.

It the tooth is broken badly or knocked out, you have to get it checked immediately with dentists in Grants Pass so that it can treated immediately at a initial stage and future complications can be prevented. The dentist can identify the tooth?s nerve damage and required root canal treatment.


How drugs can cause heart diseases


What is it The drugs are substances whose use can lead to dependence, which are used for stimulation or depression of the central nervous system and result in a disruption in the function of judgment, behavior or mood of the person. Moreover, its dangerous impact on our cardiovascular system is scientifically proven.

What to do The different types of drugs often cause different effects, but always harmful, on our hearts. The cocaine and ecstasy , for example, are responsible for tachycardia, vasoconstriction and elevated blood pressure. For its part, the cannabis causes bradycardia and hypotension.

We must never forget that drugs are highly harmful to health substances that generate an individual and social harm. Spain is the EU country with the highest consumption of cocaine , and what is more worrying, the largest increase among young people. An estimated 4-6% of Spanish adolescents aged 15 to 16 consume cocaine .

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Heart rate

What is it Some studies in healthy populations and in hypertensive patients with ischemic heart disease or heart failure, demonstrate an association between heart rate and risk of death. Accordingly, the higher the heart rate , lower life expectancy. The heart rate at rest normally between 50 and 100 beats per minute.

What to do It is best to practice physical exercise regularly. It is estimated that every 1-2 weeks of aerobic training could get a reduction in heart rate at rest for one beat per minute.

Cardioconsejo. The heart rate is measured by taking the pulse at the wrist. As the level of activity influences the results, we must always measure seated, at rest and in a warm atmosphere. We do not drink caffeine or exciting in the hours before the measurement.
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Obesity and overweight / abdominal circumference

What is it The obesity and overweight center, abdominal or android (ie, the accumulated fat in the abdomen) has worse consequences for metabolism, since it contributes to the development of diabetes and gout. Besides those who suffer obesity have high potential to accumulate fat in other vital organs, which favors the emergence of cardiovascular disease.

What to do physical exercise regularly and follow a heart-healthy diet. Moderate weight loss (about 10% of body weight or 5-10 kilos) can decrease the risk of heart disease.

Cardioconsejo. To measure the waist circumference should be standing, expel air from the lungs and encircle the abdomen with the metric tape the navel. There obesity center when the waist circumference is greater than 88 cm in women and 102 cm in men. It is also advisable to measure the body mass index (BMI) , an indicator of the degree of overweight and obesity that is very reliable except in extreme high and in people with a highly developed muscle mass. The healthy range of body mass index (BMI) should be included between 18 and 25.

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Before approaching the dentist


1. Rinse well your mouth with warm water.

2. With the help of gauze, apply pressure for at least 10 minutes, let the bleeding stops.

3. Save the broken pieces of the tooth

4. Make the lips or cheeks become cold by applying cold pack which will reduce the pain and swelling

5. If the dentist is not available immediately, get the dental cement from a drug store; cover the part of         the tooth.

6. You can take pain reliever over the counter


Need for an In-home care to take care of the Health attention for senior citizens with special needs


Home care for the elderly care activity is booming. Several aspects are those who have contributed to the expansion of this type of assistance, among which we quote: the need for a more personalized care for older people get more humane treatment without being forced to lose the traditions and identity; the development of home care activity in contributing to improved health problems; the search for alternatives to the institutionalization of the elderly and the appropriate use of economic resources.
In this sense, users emphasize the idea of feeling supported and loved by people who, on the one hand, outside their social circle, and on the other, are much younger, which also got the approach of different generations.

Therefore, the assessment of Service Proximity is truly positive, since the activities are for different professionals (medical assistants, nurses, psychologist and social worker) give response to a whole series of needs and problems are made more acute with increasing age of the population. In addition, we consider it our duty to care for older persons from various fields, supplying the shortcomings that have and enhancing their quality of life with the aim of integrating the population of the elderly in a society accessible to all; contextualizing this intervention in what we regard as “The best therapeutic” home.

It is estimated that 95% of older people can be treated at home if they receive help at home, supplemented when possible with home care and day center. This makes only 5% of seniors end up needing admission to a nursing home.

In home care becomes essential for senior citizens especially for those affected with disability diseases and disorders and to ensure the best care is given people will have to opt out for non medical in home care sun city services for their Parents or Elderly people in their home.

The basic services provided under this heading are those linked to personal and continuous care of the older person. They are generally distinguished three areas:

Personal care services

Hygiene and care of the person, physical mobility aid, demonstrations, meal preparation, medication management, support …

Home care services

Maintaining the environment of the person, shopping, clothing care, detection of risk situations in the housing …

Integration services in the environment

(Travel outside the home, activities for maintaining cognitive faculties facilitate the relationship with family and friends …)

Additionally most companies and organizations providing home care services additionally provide other services such as:

  • Adaptations in housing
  • Counseling and provision of technical aids
  • Food delivery
  • Laundry home
  • Medical and nursing service at home
  • Physiotherapy at home
  • Speech therapy at home
  • Psychology home
  • Podiatry home
  • Barber Shop
  • Ordinary household cleaning
  • This relationship is not far from a closed list.

In-home care for senior citizens with special needs, whether that be old age or they’re suffering from alzheimers or parkinsons. Care from the Heart is one of the most trusted non medical in home care providers in the state of Arizona. They provide care and companionship for the patients they work with.


Save big on hospital bills


Health issues to a larger extent are avoidable through regular exercise and a proper diet. However, a sudden illness due to common diseases, accidents causing physical injury and such are unexpected and when happens shall make the affected individual undergo a mental trauma on their routine being affected and in case if there are dependents and if they have not saved money for medical expenses that might even shatter them.

So it is well advised that people should always be ready to meet the emergency medical situations.Getting big hospital bills on an emergency situation is unavoidable. The wisest plan is having a medical insurance that covers medications, stay at hospital, and much more.
We should carefully analyze the bill we have received. The bills should be filed and organized properly for tracking. We can check with the billing department of the hospital to clear if we have any doubts on the payment we have to make.

At times there may be error in the bill or overcharges may increase the bill amount, at these times we have to be vigilant and make sure the bills are covered under the medical coverage through careful analysis and don?t have any discrepancies. The cost of the bill can be negotiated and bargained at times, for this we should have knowledge on whether the cost spent for the treatment is same as it is spent elsewhere.

If the bill is so complex and very difficult to manage we can hire a pro who can resolve and guide us on the tax to be paid, the pay that we have to give from our pocket and the money that will spent by the coverage plan.

With these plans and ways we can meticulously save a lot on hospital bills and also be prepared to face the tough times of our lives.


Oral contraceptives


What is it The contraceptive oral are drugs that bring different female hormones to prevent ovulation occurs. Unnatural amounts of these hormones increase the risk of blood clots in blood vessels.
What to do Discuss with the gynecologist lifestyle, medical history and family background, so that the chosen contraceptive method does not harm cardiovascular health.

As the snuff increases the risk of clotting, women who smoke and use oral contraceptives multiply the risk of thrombophlebitis, pulmonary embolism, acute myocardial infarction and stroke. Some women also have an increased risk of thrombosis or genetic disorders different. In the latter case, the use of contraception can be very dangerous. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a physician before starting the use of oral contraceptives .

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