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What to do when you break a tooth?


In general, the awareness on importance of good health and on common health issues and major diseases has increased among people due to rigorous Govt. campaigns and media highlights. Hence, people take up master health check up to take care of overall health. However, there are some health issues which they may tend to take lightly when it is related to certain body parts that appear to be healthy to them.

People shall realize the importance of their dental or oral health only when they face some real dental issues like tooth decay, when their tooth gets broken either accidentally or due to poor dental health when these issues will stop them from tasting their favorite food. As people feel their teeth is already strong and since they are brushing them every day it makes ignore small dental issues that could be treated at the initial stage.

Teeth are usually strong but as people age they may crack,chip or break when they become weak and have not been cleaning and maintain it well as well as do not intake necessary nutrition required for its nourishment. For people with weaker teeth, after they get hit in the face accidently their tooth may get crack, even eating something hard orwith poor brushing and washing leading to germs accumulation they may face tooth decay and falling. If the tooth gets chipped, then it is good to see the dentist with an emergency appointment to smooth and fill it. The tooth may look fine, but when you start biting, or eating food items, drinking any hot or cold liquid, it may start to pain. If you have continuous pain it may be due to the damage in the blood vessels or in the nerve.

It the tooth is broken badly or knocked out, you have to get it checked immediately with dentists in Grants Pass so that it can treated immediately at a initial stage and future complications can be prevented. The dentist can identify the tooth?s nerve damage and required root canal treatment.