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High Blood pressure and how it occurs in our body


High Blood pressure is not a new term and most of us have heard it frequently and some of us might even be facing that problem and in medical terms it is commonly called as Hypertension. Since, it is a common phenomenon for us to see people getting tensed and frustrated we really cannot notice the symptoms of it like other diseases and there are millions of people across the world already suffering from it. It requires the help of diagnosis and monitoring to see if a person is suffering from it.

There is an optimum Blood Pressure(B.P) required in body that helps the heart to pump the blood and when there is an irregularity in its levels and is either low or high than required levels then it is termed as low B.P or high B.P.

There are several reasons for the occurrence of high blood pressure and the most common are below

  • Lack of proper sleep
  • Poor diet intake with lack of necessary nutrition
  • Taking each thing in life too seriously creating mental pressure leading to anxiety and frustration when expectations dont happen in reality
  • Work pressure and life style issues
  • When people don’t take necessary steps either to check their b.p levels and leading to uncontrolled high blood pressure then it may result in several health complications. High Blood pressure severely affects other parts of the body and mainly the heart.

By following some of the below things any person can keep their blood pressure under control

  • A real brisk morning walk or jog helping you to intake a good amount of oxygen
  • Sound sleep and practicing meditation techniques
  • Eating foods of low fat
  • Eating foods rich in nutrients
  • Having a vacation at least once in a year